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Friday, May 31, 2013


Emerald green hills, sapphire blue ocean, ruby red land

Frothing ocean waves meet sun-kissed white gold sand

Mango cashew orchards, bountiful coconut groves

Dancing paddy fields, in the wind that blows

Jackfruit (फणस), breadfruit (दिव कड्गी), arecanut (सुपारी) trees

Wild red patkal (पट्कळ), purple jamun (जाम्ब्ळ) berries

Evergreen leaves, fragrant flowers of varied hues

Melodious chirping of birds, at the slightest of cues

Harsh sunlight filtered through dense canopy of trees

Casting cool dark shadows below underneath

Midget cows, mischievous monkeys

Heavy laden backs, lazy donkeys

Fluttering fledglings, barking dogs

Slithering snakes, croaking frogs

Pitter-patter of rain on thatched, tiled roofs

Mooing of cows, restful shifting of hooves

Houses of mud, cow dung-caked floor

Cool shady veranda outside carved wooden door

Smoking chimney, cooking on mud stove

Food served on banana leaf, eat after you bow

Rising at dawn to metered Vedic chants

Drawing water from the well, puff and pant!

Bathing water heated in the big old bhaan (भाण)

A fresh start to the day after the early morning nhaan (न्हाण) [snaan (स्नान)]

Tulsi Vrindavan (तुळशी वृन्दावन) in the front courtyard

Prayed to daily, evil eye to ward

Off to the temple of ancient mystic lore

Blossoming lotuses, beautiful heart outpour

Simple mango leaves and marigold decoration

Exquisite stone carvings, no need for ostentation

Darkness of sanctum sanctorum dispelled by the bright

Of tiny oil lamps and reflected mirror light

Luminous idol of the Lord, Divine Mother to His left

Reverberating AUMkar (ॐ कार), primordial sound swept

Eternal dance of life, through darkness through light

To watch the graceful deities, oh what delight!

Then His arrival, the standing still of Time

Pin-drop silence, time, every time

Watching divine grace flow, through misty-eyed haze

His bright contented smile, loving benevolent gaze

300 plus years, 11 revered Gurus (गुरु)

Strict sadhana (साधना) of the soul, disciplining of body and mind

Through Yog Japa Anushthaan Puja (योग जप अनुष्ठान पूजा),

The Ultimate Truth to find

Surrender body-mind-soul, feel the torrential rain

Love drenched in ever-lasting joy, free of all pain

Surrender, harmonize, feel the eternal kiss

Oh sweet ecstasy, soak in divine bliss!


Blogger Shreya Ankolekar Akkihal said...

Nice one, it felt like really being in a coastal hamlet!

June 11, 2013 4:47 pm  

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